terça-feira, outubro 17, 2006

Paul Weller (vídeos)


Wild Blue Yonder (Live)

Paul Weller AOL Sessions Playing Floorboards


Thinking of you

Paul Weller at Coruna (soundcheck)

My Ever Changing Moods - Live - Haldern Pop Festival 2004

English Rose

Headstart For Happiness

Weller singin 'going places'13th oct 2003 on the late late show

Leafy Mysteries

Bullet For Everyone

Written In The Stars

Brand New Start

Ohio Live

I Should Have Been There To Inspire You

Broken Stones (Live)

Live-Foot of The Mountain (Glastonbury 1994)

Out Of The Sinking

You Do Something To Me

Amongst Butterflies

Into Tomorrow (Live)

Above the Clouds

Come Together - Paul Weller with Paul McCartney

Paul Weller, Oasis Y Ocs - Carnation

The Style Council

A Stone's Throw Away (Live)

Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Jam

Thats Entertainment (Live)


Town Called Malice

A Town called Malice (1992)

A Town called Malice (2006)

Do They Know Its Christmas? - Band Aid

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